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Masonry Service


With decades of brick work building, repair and maintenance experience, our expert masons will analyze and recommend the best bricklaying solution for your project. The final result is a perfectly build structure with strong bonds between the brick and mortar. Our teams of masonry workers in Southern Ontario enthusiastically handle any type of masonry bricklaying construction or brick work project. We have the tools, expertise and infrastructure to lay bricks for large scale walls, big homes, warehouses, garages, malls, super centers and more. Our bricklayers work at heights, outdoors in the cold, in tunnels and shafts getting all the work done to your satisfaction.

Brick Veneer

Brick Veneer masonry is a highly-recommended residential building and remodeling option that has become very popular in Canada, because it approximates the appearance of a solid brick or stone masonry wall, yet costs much less, and has impressive insulating properties. A masonry brick veneer wall is constructed externally to the house framing and with an insulating air space between the brick and the house framing foundation. The external brick or masonry layer is not intended to be structural or load bearing. Everest Masonry also uses brick veneer masonry as an addition to modern wood frame structures or as an addition to concrete block walls.


Everest Masonry installs wood-burning, electric, natural gas, and liquid propane fireplaces. Our fireplaces bring you the beauty of glowing embers and dancing flames, with peace of mind. We’ll help you create an elegant and warm focal point in your home. Everest Masonry will guide you through a variety of decorative options to create your distinctive design that complements to your home décor and exterior appearance. We will assure you of complete safety, comfort, and long lasting value. We have fast and precise masonry workers who provide services anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and across Southern Ontario. We guarantee beautiful results, on time and on budget.

Masonry Decor

Take your space to the next level. At Earth Everest Masonry we specialize in everything décor relating to masonry. We give homeowners exactly what they expect for both interior or exterior masonry décor, including kitchen, fireplace, chimney, patio, balcony, windows, walls, basement, study room, home office, and more. Masonry Décor services can involve building outdoor stone features, custom concrete countertops, sinks, concrete wall caps and pool copping, to mention a few. Our masonry design work includes brick veneers, stone veneers, stone panels, ledgestone, which capture the nuances, warmth and richness of real stone, for both interior and exterior design builds.

Masonry Walls

Everest Masonry are experts in masonry wall and masonry foundation construction for residential and commercial properties. Masonry walls are typically the most durable part of a building’s support structure. Masonry walls are preferred because they provide exceptional strength, durability, and help control indoor temperature. There are five main types of Masonry Walls; #Load Bearing Masonry Walls #Reinforced Masonry Walls #Hollow Masonry Walls #Composite Masonry Walls #Post-tensioned Masonry Walls

Structural Columns

Our masonry specialist will work hand in hand with your architect to ensure the structural integrity of your building. We specialize in masonry services for construction and chief among these are masonry columns for any column project. Everest Masonry has earned a reputation for being the most of the most reliable masonry contractors in the GTA for building columns, and providing consultative services for these critical projects.

Structural Masonry

Everest Masonry offers structural masonry services for walls, chimneys, and other interior and exterior elements of your residential or commercial property. Masonry structures ⎯brick, stone, and concrete ⎯all provide a strong and functional platform that lasts longer than alternate forms construction. Many homes that are 100 or more years old, were built with strong masonry structures because quality masonry work can withstand centuries of exposure to weather elements. Everest Masonry recommends structural masonry because it is strong, durable, and long lasting, allowing building structures to be useful for centuries.